Julie Allen

Julie grew up a scared little girl, feeling unloved and invisible. She was a “good” girl who tried hard to be perfect. When she was 20, she met Jesus and He changed her life. He grew her up and kept loving her while healing the little girl inside. Now she is the fave, His fave. Free and loved!  She’s had wonderful times in her life, as well as extremely painful times.  Through it all Father has proven Himself to be amazingly loving and wonderfully faithful.

Besides loving Father, Julie’s greatest joy in life is sharing His incredible grace, amazing intimate love and the believer’s new identity in Christ. She is married to Bobby Allen and has 3 wonderful children; Nicole, Branden & Bobby and one precious daughter Lauren, whom she will see again in heaven. She enjoys relaxing on the beach, hanging out with her family and going on cruises!  Julie was educated at Simpson University where she majored in Cross Cultural Studies with a Biblical Literature minor. She is a gifted counselor and teacher with a passion to see Father’s people living free from legalism and religion so they can experience a close and intimate relationship with Christ.