Our Legacy is Leadership That Transforms....
Individuals, Organizations, Communities, The World!

Our Mission:
We are passionate about raising the emotional intelligence lid and leadership lid of individuals and leaders both in the business community and the faith community, so that humanity will be free from the bondage of self limiting beliefs and be empowered to live a life of authentic relationships.

Our Strategy:
Through coaching, teaching, leading and speaking we invest in leaders by raising their emotional intelligence and their leadership skills, while creating healthy functioning organizations that are sustainable and successful.

Our Values:
We’re devoted to a “we” instead of a “me” attitude.  Organizations and teams are most effective when people adopt a servant leaders attitude. Those who wish to be first, will be last, let the greatest among you become the least.  Jesus said “The Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and to give His life away a ransom for many.” 

We understand that one is too small of a number. That nothing great has ever been accomplished alone. Therefore learning to depend on others and teamwork, makes the dream work.

Imagine men and women who have learned to lead by giving their lives away. It’s important that we’re first a servant than a leader. The world is in desperate need of more Christ-sufficient servants not self-sufficient scholars. A leadership that is more about crosses than crowns, towels than titles, weakness than strength.

Passionate and Focused:
Some have been called to be lead companies, to lead a ministry, business or organization. The common theme for all leaders is their genuine love and concern, that compels them to carry out this call and mandate in their lifetime.

Encouragers and Equippers:
We believe that building people up not tearing them down, is the key for growth both personally and professionally. By encouraging and equipping leaders today we will work to see all aspects of the church, organizations, communities, and the world to be renewed and transformed.