Bobby's Books and Resources

“From Titles to Towels”, “A Love Letter From God”, and “Relational Leadership” are available for purchase through Amazon. These same books and the other resources below are also available for purchase by calling Legacy at 214-934-0741.

From Titles To Towels

We live in a world that is under led, therefore under fed. How do we trust God to be a leader that actually connects people to His heart? This book is an exciting relational journey of helping you understand what servant leadership really looks like.  I call it towel leadership, leading from laying down or leading from His life. No, it’s not a formula, a method or a technique. No it’s not a title, position or power, it’s Christ centered influence flowing from an intimate relationship with the Living God. And yet it’s very practical in the way people experience Him both personally and professionally.


A Love Letter From God

Imagine reading the bible as a love letter instead of just 66 books made up of the Old and New Testaments. Not just any letter,  but a love letter written personally to you from God. It’s possible that reading the bible may never be the same. You’ll enjoy a sweeter intimacy and a greater desire to read the bible and learn more about this loving God. You can enjoy God’s personality and character as He comes alive in each story?  Watching how He interacted with people and worked in everyday events throughout history will be thrilling. As you read each chapter, His love and mercy for you will drip off each page. 


Relational Leadership

Growth in your organization is exciting. Yet, when growth happens, change is inevitable. Change is not easy and brings with it many challenges. Do you find relational conflict happening more than usual? Is lack of motivation and low moral a new normal? This could be a sign that your people are struggling with the change and transition process.  Bobby shares very practically how to navigate your people emotionally and relationally, while leading your organization through the change and transition process. As leaders, it’s critical that we know and understand how God has wired our people uniquely with different gifts, abilities, and personalities when leading them forward.


Leading Change and Transition

This study material is perfect for those pastors and leaders in ministries that are experiencing growth and/or change with their people, church or ministry. Are you experiencing any challenges in your ministry that you find difficult to work through? Are you aware that your ministry consists of an organism inside of an organization? The  body inside a business?  Many pastors and church leaders that I have had the privilege to serve have a next step of growth in understanding how to lead the business in the body and the organization in the organism. I was one of those leaders and had to learn this the hard way.


A Journey To Father’s Heart: Through His Love Letter The Bible  (Leader’s Guide and Study Guide) 

Is there a God out there somewhere? If so what is He like? How do we get to know God? Is He like my earthly father? How does God feel about me? Is God a harsh taskmaster that is never satisfied with my performance?

This material has been used as Discipleship training, Sunday school curriculum, small group bible studies, men and women small groups, and for youth groups. Whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned follower of God, with every chapter from Genesis to Revelation you’ll discover a journey that leads to His Heart, character and nature, as He comes alive in every story. He will also reveal to you a common thread throughout biblical history of his plan to usher in the believer’s identity in Christ and the grace of God for living. The result…. A life of freedom, so that you can experience living the abundant life that Jesus promised!


The Rest Of The Gospel (With Leader and Study Guides)

Are you tired of the demands of trying to please a holy God?  Do you feel like you have to perform to get His love and acceptance? The Rest Of The Gospel Leader’s and Study Guide are great companions to the book, The Rest of The Gospel. These study guides will help know Father God on a deeper level. You’ll discover how to live the abundant life that Jesus promised. And how to truly rest in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Each chapter explodes with new truths of freedom and grace to live the life you have always dreamed of.