He connects with the participants and grows with them. 

The thing that makes Bobby’s approach special is that he does so much more than presenting the material. To initiate the “Mastermind” concept, he moves from the presented material to the real world.   He shares his specific experiences and how the material related to his personal growth and then encourages the group to share and participate with their own reflections. Bobby doesn’t just communicate Mastermind principles, he connects with the participants and grows with them. 

George Walter – Director of Home Entertainment, Christie Digital

I cannot imagine the future of my personal or professional career path had I not intersected with Bobby Allen.

I first was introduced to Bobby Allen in one of his “21-Laws” Mastermind groups. As he began to teach, his leadership understanding and council resonated within me. I immediately realized my next steps of growth as he developed my understanding of the “Lid.” I then instinctively wanted to create a personal mission statement and build my inner circle with purpose.  I soon engaged him to be my personal coach.  I saw value in the gravity of Bobby’s leadership and coaching in my life immediately as he began to help me understand my gifting’s and emotional intelligence. I cannot imagine the future of my personal or professional career path had I not intersected with Bobby Allen.  As a leader in the sales industry I understand the phrase “you get what you pay for.”  Without hesitation I say, Bobby Allen exceeds expectations.

Ryan McBride – President, HiBar International

Joining Bobby Allen’s mastermind class has been one of the best decisions I have made!

Joining Bobby Allen’s mastermind class has been one of the best decisions I have made!  I leave every class with new insights that I can immediately apply to both my professional and personal life. A good sports coach can watch you play, break down your form, and quickly point out mechanical changes you can make to improve your game.  Bobby is exactly that!  Share your story and Bobby will listen, diagnose, and give you immediate results.  A new perspective that will open your eyes to accomplish things you never thought possible! I highly recommend a mastermind class with Bobby Allen!

 Nicole Bennett – Business Development Director, Industrial & Logistics

He has literally developed my teams leadership and took us to another level…

Bobby has been working with me personally, as well as my executive team as our executive leadership coach for a few years now and we’ve been seeing amazing results! His wisdom mixed with sensitivity to where his audience is has proved invaluable to me both personally and professionally. I appreciate how he trains for tomorrow while working with you today.  His encouraging style and loving personality mixed with his expertise in the coaching industry has been an incredible dream come true for our faith based organization. He has literally developed my teams leadership and took us to another level. I highly recommend Bobby for your personal growth or corporate growth. 

Jay Breish

He has changed my life both personally and professionally….

Having Bobby Allen facilitate a mastermind leadership group has forever impacted my life both personally and professionally.  Bobby was masterful in setting the tone for this marvelous experience and providing rich input and explanations about the leadership material we covered.  He helped each of us to explore our thoughts and experiences in context with the laws of leadership.  Bobby kept us on time and on schedule while making it possible for all members of the group to participate at the levels of their own choosing.  I would encourage anyone who is desiring to grow as a leader, to consider taking the opportunity to learn leadership from Bobby.  It just might take you and your organization to the place you have been dreaming of. 

Brian Lee – CEO/Founder O4 Leadership

Working with Bobby has changed my life…

Working with Bobby has changed my life.  Having Bobby as my personal life coach exceeded whatever expectations I had and took me places I have only dreamed of.  Although what he taught was life changing, it was more than what taught.  He modeled what a relationship with God can look like and what it does practically in everyday life.  Through his guidance, I realized who I am and how to walk that out in the middle of my everyday, messy life.  This continues to positively effect all those around me on a daily basis.  My life was transformed from simply surviving to a life of thriving with solid hope and enjoyment.  I’ve gone from desperately wishing my pain had some meaning, to being a person that joyfully offers hope to others.  I highly recommend Bobby for anyone who is searching and hungry for a counselor and life coach who will walk with you throughout your journey until you have reached your desires and dreams.

Tina McIntyre – Administrative Assistant, Roy Neal Insurance

I was deeply moved by his talks and enjoyed his fun loving personality.

I met Bobby Allen at a youth church conference where he was a featured keynote speaker.  I was deeply moved by his talks and enjoyed his fun loving personality.  Since I knew that I wanted more for my life and leadership, I decided to hire him to be my personal life and leadership coach.  Not long after I started my coaching sessions with Bobby, a terrible situation happened in my life. I was betrayed by the people I trusted most and it left me deeply wounded.  Since that day, Bobby has been able to coach me through the healing process.  I have learned how to set boundaries, choose safer relationships, manage my emotions and understand that my identity is not about what I do, but to whom I belong.  He has taught me leadership skills that have helped me become a stronger and more confident leader.  In fact, my coaching experience has been used to strengthen my faith in God.  Bobby is authentic, positive, joyful and extremely encouraging and I highly recommend him as a life coach and leadership coach.

Angie Smith – Youth Pastor

Bobby raised my leadership lid….

I was struggling as leader of a fast growing mission organization that had grown far beyond my leadership abilities. My head was banging on the leadership ceiling.  A friend introduced Bobby Allen to me and we clicked immediately.  His coaching and mentoring has helped me greatly to grow in vision, leadership tools, and given fresh zeal for the work!  Thanks Bobby for the help you have given to me, my executive leadership team and my organization.

Dr. Scott Kirby – CEO GraceWorks Alaska

Taught me to a better person and leader!

Bobby has stretched me and raised the bar in my life as he has taught me to be a better person and leader!​  He has shown me that I am a daughter of the living God who has been given a unique assignment for this time in history. Bobby has taught me that leadership is a process. I’ve learned that my assignment here on this earth is to help people from the inside out and that I am to add value to the people in my life. He has taught me that if I want to “see” more, I need to “be” more!  Through our leadership lessons, he has taught me that if I want to to lead others well, I have to lead myself well. During our training calls, I have learned to be more compassionate, caring and a better listener. I’ve learned to watch for earth’s affairs from God’s point of view and that to be a good leader, you must be willing to step up and give up! You have to trust more, do more, give more, relinquish more and surrender more.  Bobby has taught me to intentionally live my life each day with the legacy I want to leave.  Thank you Bobby, for impacting my life. I will never be the same as a leader, wife, mom and person!

Traci Warren – Executive Leadership Director, GraceWorks Alaska

Helped my church immensely

“Bobby’s ability to identify and unravel organizational “knots” in the life of the church has been of great value and benefit to me. I have benefited greatly from his wisdom in understanding the pace of change, how to prioritize change, and how to graciously and clearly implement change. More than all that though, I have found Bobby to be a true, understanding and loving friend not just a coach. One who ALWAYS challenges and stretches me in my thinking and in my relationship with Christ. Your church, ministry, business, or organization will be refreshed and benefited greatly by any partnership and labor you have with Bobby!”

Ben Mullen