Organizational Health and Growth Coaching

At Legacy we have found that many CEO’s, managers and leaders are taught quite a bit about strategy, finance and marketing, but not much about organizations and how they should be run as a whole.


We believe that organizational health is priority over everything else in an organization or business. Have you discovered that people don’t leave bad companies they leave bad managers and bad leaders? People don’t leave organizations they leave people.


Through our individual and team coaching, seminars and workshops we will walk you and your team through the transition work of becoming not just a smart organization, but, a healthy organization. Patrick Lencioni believes that the single greatest accomplishment a company or organization can achieve is organizational health. Yet, it is ignored by most leaders even though it is simple, free, and available to anyone who wants it. The reward and return will not only be the success of your bottom line goals; but most importantly the rise in motivation and morale with your people and the health and growth of your people and your organization.